ELV IPWE .net lib April 24, 2014

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Let’s take a look on a little bit of code I wrote years ago to read the values from a weather station I bought. Basically everyone who doesn’t own the weather station IPWE (Ip Wetterdatenempfänger / Ip weather data receiver) from the manufacturer ELV can stop reading, because this is a .NET Class Library to read data from the device. It is written in C# and can be used with only two lines of code.

How to use it

After adding a reference to the IpweOne project you can use the following two lines of code to get the data off all aquired sensors.

IpweDevice ipwe = new IpweDevice("");
List<IpweSensor> data = ipwe.GetSensors();

You can find the whole project on GitHub

How it works

Internally I originally wanted to use the telnet server of the Ipwe Device. Turns out the telnet implementation is kind of exotic, because you have to send each character seperatly with specific timings. After some harsh outbursts of hate I decided to take on another approach and just do some easy screen scraping. So finally this application just downloads the html string of the website and extracts the relevant information.

So lets see if anyone can still find a use for it, because the product is discontinued. But still if you have questions leave a comment or send me an email or a tweet. See you soon.